2011 in fieri

“I entered Antelope Canyon for the first time in September 2011.
I had already seen many photos of this evocative place in Arizona, considered sacred by the Navajo.
The atmosphere, the colors and the quiet that you can breathe in the periods away from the tourist season, are not easy to describe, the feeling I felt was that of a regression that led me to imagine I was reliving my gestation. A paradise in reverse, not in the sky but in the bowels of the earth.
Here, too, the signs of nature are hiding, waiting to be revealed: patches of light that wait shyly for a few minutes before disappearing into an ensemble made of sandstone rock, rich in colors and sinuous curves, that obscure them to a tourist vision dazzled by this wonder of nature -we are there too- seemed to say with their barely perceptible presence.”

Artworks printed on 100% acid free Hahnamuhle cotton paper with Giclée process.
Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with a twin hologram on the certificate and on the work.
The certificate also bears the author’s fingerprint.

Limited edition of 7 works in total with the following sizes:
1/7 – 3/7 – 5/7 cm.40×60 – 15.75 x 23.60 inches.
2/7 – 4/7 – 6/7 cm.60×90 -23.60 x 35.40 inches.
7/7 cm.60×90 or cm. 90×135 – 23.60 x 35.40 inches or 35.40 x 53.15 inches, author’s choice according to the subject.


Concept  –  Roberta Foglino