2008 in fieri

“In 2008, the desire to show the hidden art of nature led me to start the Purgatorio collection.
I tried once again to peer into the folds of the earth and everything became a work of nature: the snow-covered landscapes of the Italian Apennines, between the regions of Umbria and Marche, completely covered with snow and grazed by beams of light filtering through the clouds, became, that day, a changing work; the speed with which the clouds moved created ever-new, ephemeral paintings, works of a few seconds that I had to stop with a shot.
In the following years I often returned to those mountains, in search of those rare atmospheric conditions, creating other works. Even today, when the weather announces similar situations, I reach those places to photograph them”.

Artworks printed on 100% acid free Hahnamuhle cotton paper with Giclée process.
Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with a twin hologram on the certificate and on the work.
The certificate also bears the author’s fingerprint.

Limited edition of 7 works in total with the following sizes:
1/7 – 3/7 – 5/7 cm.40×60 – 15.75 x 23.60 inches.
2/7 – 4/7 – 6/7 cm.60×90 -23.60 x 35.40 inches.
7/7 cm.60×90 or cm. 90×135 – 23.60 x 35.40 inches or 35.40 x 53.15 inches, author’s choice according to the subject.

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Concept  –  Roberta Foglino