Roberta Foglino  Р2011

PURGATORY research began in 2008 during a photographic workshop organized by the artist with his students in the Umbria-Marche Apennines (Italy).
A collection that focuses on the ethereal, on the solidification of air and clouds, the smoky texture of snow.
PURGATORY collects shots on the edge between definite and indefinite, material and immaterial  plunged in a light-and-shade atmosphere.
Lost horizons stray off in ethereal, metaphysical evocations stretching beyond – often reaching a surreal dimension.
Piero Leonardi carves rooted cuttings within reality using his lens. He creates pareidolic dialogues between natural elements so that they find their new dimension. Intersections chain as if in a playful naif exercise: up above-down below, everywhere – where to?