2010 in fieri

“In October 2010, during a brief stop in Riccione, a famous Italian seaside resort, I was attracted by the loneliness of an orderly and abandoned environment.
Benches, small squares, merry-go-rounds, beach umbrellas that for some months of the year live in a cosmopolitan and cheerful world, made of tourists, in winter suddenly find themselves alone, like summer clothes carefully folded and put away in drawers to wait for the right season.
If in Color On the Rock, what remains is the result of the human need to do something else, in Off, the need to return home to resume work leaves behind the loneliness of what remains.
I am attracted by what cannot be seen, by what cannot be perceived, by what the superficiality of a life made up of routine and predictable things does not consider or considers in a different way, adapting it to the human needs of the moment.
Everything that is part of these things has a thinking soul, sometimes it manifests itself with joy as in Butterflowers or Color On the Rock, sometimes it shows itself sad and nostalgic, as in Off or Landsigns”.

Works printed on 100% acid free Hahnamuhle cotton paper with Giclée process.
Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with a double hologram on the certificate and on the work.
The certificate also bears the author’s fingerprint.

Limited edition of 7 with size: cm.40×60 – 15,75 x 23,60 inches


Roberta Foglino