Roberta Foglino  Р2011

The investigating soul of the artist and the investigating and projective sensibility of the man integrate in the OFF research.
Attracted by the loneliness of an orderly and abandoned environment – that of the Romagna coast of Rimini and Riccione in Italy, but not only – Piero Leonardi’s photographic gaze recounts the romantic desolation of benches, squares, merry-go-rounds, beach umbrellas… which for a few months of the year are in contact with a cosmopolitan and cheerful world, made up of holidaymakers, but which in winter find themselves alone, empty, abandoned.
In OFF, the need to return home to resume work, leaves behind the loneliness of what remains. In this path, what is not seen, what is not perceived, what the superficiality of a life made of routine and taken for granted does not consider, or considers in a different way, adapting it to the human needs of the moment, seems to attract the narrative curiosity of the artist.
Everything that is part of these things has a thinking soul that shows itself sad and nostalgic when a season of carefree joy comes to an end.